Computer Hacker and Forensic Investigator Training

Learn the skills to identify cyber crime and for Professionals who seek to work with network security and hacking issues


With this course, a professional can feel confident about his knowledge and ability to analyze any security flaw rising up in the system. This course can help prevailing as well as new professionals to develop an existing and a new career respectively. Computer Hacker and Forensic Investigator is one of the most valued certificates in Network Security and possessing it raises one to an elite group of professionals.

These professionals will be able to find forensic evidences in a neutral perspective. They will also be in a position to determine the vulnerabilities and track the intruders into the systems.

Who this course is for:

All IT professionals involved with information system security, computer forensics, and incident response.

Anyone interested in learning about investigating cyber crimes

Ethical Hacking Certification

The course will consist of presentations to explain the concepts of computer forensics as well as demonstrations of proper collections of digital evidence. This course is designed for anyone with an interest computer forensics to get a taste of the real world of digital forensics examination. As an introductory course it will consist of presentations, hands on lessons and quizs.

  • Advance your security career
  • Foundational concepts about the computer forensics field
  • Understanding of hexadecimal and hashing in relations to computer forensics
  • An introductory understanding of what computer forensics is
  • The process of collecting digital evidence
  • Considerations for first responders to a computer crime scene