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We are a group of Information Security Expert, Who are always looking for Cyber & Information Security projects to work on it. Reinventing Cybersecurity by protecting Information where it’s most Valuable and most Vulnerable. Cluesys Web Technologies got started with the aim of providing best security courses to global audience at affordable rates.

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  • How Cyber Security is changing the web design industry

    Designers and web managers is an ever-evolving landscape. In today’s market it is essential to stay current with technology and the threats targeting those we serve and those who search online. Without constant awareness and action by our peers in technology, cybercriminals will continue to challenge our time, patience, and livelihood...

  • Websites have become Key Point of Attack for Cybercriminals

    While many believe that email phishing is a key entry point for most cyber criminals, it has become apparent that they are often using an unsuspecting website to hide their activity of malware designed collect valid emails and launch other criminal schemes. While some argue that nothing is hack-proof...

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Offered in small class sizes with great emphasis on the demands of the specification and exam technique.

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